Gathering Urban Agriculture evidence – We need your help !

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Gathering Urban Agriculture evidence – We need your help !

EFUA is gathering information on Urban Agriculture in 2 distinct areas and needs your help:

1. Urban Agriculture Typology Survey – DEADLINE EXTENDED until 1st August !

We would like to ask you for your help by filling in the Typology Survey (ideally about 10 initiatives per EFUA partner-organization, though any examples are appreciated). The survey should be filled in based on one specific UA initiative at a time. We would also appreciate if you could forward the survey within your urban agriculture network. Respondents can be stakeholders who work within the field of urban agriculture, through for instance research, NGO’s , policy-making or urban planning and have knowledge on local Urban Agriculture (UA) initiatives. Respondents also could directly be involved in a specific UA initiative. To stimulate circulation we award every 50th completed survey with a 500 gr local Dutch farmers cheese (5 cheeses are available). The link to the survey:

Through the survey we aim to gain a more in-depth understanding of the variety in types of urban agriculture initiatives within Europe. It is a means to complete task 3.1 on updating a UA typology, however questions for other tasks within Work Packages 3 and 4 were included as well. The survey focusses on different dimensions of UA, such as products and services, people and organizations, product destination, location, production methods, ownership and maintenance, and the relation with governance. If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us through and/or . 

Many thanks on behalf of EFUA Typology team

2. Urban Agriculture Case Studies (Descriptive examples for EFUA website)

In addition to the Typlogy Survey, we're looking for good case studies from around Europe and would be really keen to highlight international examples of good practice, on our website.  You can find some existing examples of Urban Agriculture case study projects on our website at:

The project descriptions on the EFUA website are written in English but we can translate and edit material from other languages. Each case study illustrates different strengths (and sometimes shortcomings), however they should each provide key learning points for best practice in UA. Typically they consist of:

  • Text (500 - 800 words) describing the project, its objectives, operation and outcomes direct/ indirect); maybe you have a piece of suitable "off the shelf" text which we can use, however we can also do a little bit of editing/ proofing as required.

  • Photos (without copyright issues) - we can credit individuals as necessary.

  • Links to other media/ promotional items on your project - e.g. videos, pdfs etc.

It would be great if we can showcase your case study/ies. You can can send a draft text through; alternatively, to save time and effort, we can also pull together something using edited text and graphics from your website or other existing media (with links/ credits etc). 

Please contact Ian Whitehead with case study material or for more information:

Thanks ! The EFUA Team