Can Urban Agriculture really help to feed the World ?

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Can Urban Agriculture really help to feed the World ?

Yes, definitely. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization have reported that 800 million people around the globe grow their own fruit or vegetables, or raise animals in cities, accounting for a massive 15-20 percent of world’s total food production.

In addition, new, resource efficient technologies such as vertical farming and rooftop farming are revolutionising agricultural production in cities, thus effectively reducing transport distances within food supply chains.

Such “controlled environment” agricultural methods also offer the benefits of reduced pest and disease problems. Meanwhile extensive adoption of circular economy principles, such as nutrient and green waste recycling, is helping to create increased resource efficiency.

With increasing levels of urbanisation and human pressures upon the biosphere, Urban Agriculture is likely to play an ever greater role in feeding the global population. Successful adaptation strategies, innovation, integrated land use planning and appropriate technologies all have a role to play in ensuring Urban Agriculture achieves its full potential impact.