How can I convert my rooftop for Urban Agriculture ?

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How can I convert my rooftop for Urban Agriculture ?

Green roofs and rooftop gardens are rapidly increasing in number and becoming an everyday feature of our cityscapes. Converting your roof into a productive space for food growing can seem like an attractive proposition, however there are a number of important factors to consider first.

Most importantly, you will need to get advice from a qualified architect or building engineer about the suitability of your roof - particularly with regards to its load bearing capacity, access provision, exposure and weatherproofing qualities - to check that these are compatible with rooftop gardening. It is also important to check with your local authority regarding any possible planning or building control regulations.

Professional advice will also help to determine the type of rooftop gardening best suited e.g. will it include containers, raised beds or glasshouse elements ? Where will water be obtained from ? What storage and access facilities exist ?

There are also a number of specialist companies which can help to set up, or even run your rooftop garden as a flourishing commercial enterprise. This can make life considerably easier; however, much of the fun of gardening comes through an experimental and hands-on approach and through direct involvement.

For further information and potential help locating sources of advice for your rooftop garden, contact EFUA.