How can I get involved in Urban Agriculture ?

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How can I get involved in Urban Agriculture ?

There are many opportunities to become involved in urban agriculture, from helping out in a local community garden to setting up your own urban farm on a commercial basis.

So what’s the best way to get started in UA ?

As a first port of call, your local authority may well be able to point you in the right direction. Many cities provide practical advice, funding and assistance to residents for the development of community gardens, productive greenspaces and other urban agriculture projects. They might also be able to introduce you to existing, established projects within your neighbourhood. In addition, there are numerous NGOs and voluntary sector associations which can provide help and mentoring services. These operate at a national or local level.

If your aspirations are more commercial, it might be worth looking at established UA business models such as vertical farming or rooftop gardening. These require more specialist knowledge and to access to appropriate technology. A number of commercial organisations such as “Agritecture” or the “12 Steps to Farming” can provide practical support, online tutorials and business advice for the creation and establishment of new enterprises.

There are also different ways to be involved in Urban Agriculture, other than through direct food production. These include, for example, food distribution, marketing and sales, or perhaps through participation at a political or policy level in local Food Councils.

The possibilities are endless - contact EFUA for advice about who to contact in your local area.