Why do we need urban agriculture?

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Why do we need Urban Agriculture ?

Our world is changing and facing increasing levels of urbanisation and growing societal challenges such as food security, climate change, pollution and social inequality. UA has potential to provide answers to many of these pressing global challenges.

However, these require the need for smarter and more sustainable approaches. They require us to reimagine our expanding cities and how urban centres interact with agriculture, food production and the surrounding environment.

In this respect, Urban Agriculture can deliver multiple social, environmental and economic benefits and can contribute the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It can also help through the development of new sustainable technologies, including vertical farming and aquaponics.

At the same time, there is increasing concern about the quality of our food, the negative impact of intensive farming methods and “food miles”, particularly with regard to climate change and carbon footprint.

Urban Agriculture not only offers opportunities for the re-localisation of food production, but also provides important social and biodiversity and climate benefits.