About EFUA

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The European Forum on Urban Agriculture (EFUA) is a 4 year project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. The project is running from 2020-2024. EFUA’s objectives are to unlock Urban Agriculture’s potential through achieving better networking, better knowledge, better deployment and better policies in the field. Through establishing an Urban Agriculture (UA) Forum, it aims to develop new levels of stakeholder engagement to inform decision making and to mainstream Urban Agriculture into European, regional and local policy. EFUA’s workflow is organized around “quad helix” principles, culminating in public conferences and the co-design of an UA vision.

Large gaps in UA knowledge, awareness and best practice still exist: the EFUA project will address these. Through supporting the EFUA Horizon 2020 Project, the EU has highlighted the significance of UA and the need to invest further in this burgeoning sector. EFUA stands for a synergised approach involving civil society, agricultural businesses, researchers and government working together to deliver common goals through participation in the UA Forum. This will deliver: EFUA Objectives and approach: Better networking of stakeholders in Urban Agriculture; Better knowledge in Urban Agriculture; Better deployment of Urban Agriculture; Better policies for Urban Agriculture.

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