Urban Agriculture

Garden and skyscraper

Urban Agriculture (UA) is the practice of cultivating, processing and distributing food in and around urban areas. However, UA has greater potential to provide answers to pressing global challanges such as food security, climate change, increasing urbanisation and social inequalities. Such challenges require the need for smarter, more sustainable approaches for how we reimagine our expanding cities and how these urban centres interact with agriculture, food production and their surrounding environment.


Growing with UA

carrots and kids

UA and Innovation

UA can also be the driver for innovation within the wider agricultural sector. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) being pioneered in urban areas, has already provided the catalyst for new farming methods, such as the trend towards organic production. Innovative techniques such as vertical farming, can also offer potential to transform the way we grow and distribute our food, both in cities and beyond the boundaries of our urban centres. EFUA will explore potential to develop better links between citizen led actions, UA research, innovation and traditional agricultural approaches.