Why is Urban Agriculture suddenly such a hot topic ?

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Why is Urban Agriculture suddenly such a hot topic ?

Without a doubt, Urban Agriculture is increasingly in the public eye; urban populations are increasing around the globe and we search endlessly for answers to societal challenges such as food security, climate change, pollution and social inequality.

In this respect, we know that our traditional “business as usual” approaches have failed us and we need to seek out and adopt new and more innovative models. The multifunctionality of Urban Agriculture offers considerable advantages including social, environmental and economic benefits.

At the same time, there is increasing concern about the quality of our food, the ethics of intensive farming production methods and the impact of “food miles” upon the environment and C02 emissions.

Urban Agriculture not only provides opportunities for the re-localisation of food production, but also provides important social and biodiversity benefits. UA is certainly a hot topic and the broad range of benefits that it can provide must be seen as its key strengths.